By Walter McDonald

Despite the fact that Lady Gaga is an­noying and bad, area freshman George Trenton said yesterday that he still “loves” the famous pop star.

“She is my inspiration,” Trenton explained to me. “Lady GaGa is the reason I wake up in the morning.” Al­though Trenton may feel this way about his role model, acquaintances are not all gaga for GaGa. (Yes, we know that joke sucks.)

“It’s not okay to wear a sparkling pink banana fairy outfit to school,” local ju­nior Frank Ordani commented in regard to George’s interesting clothing choices after his role model’s style. “Honestly, though, no one wants to see that.”

In addition to dress, George has found another way to channel Lady GaGa. For example, George got last place in Po­etry Out Loud for reciting Lady GaGa’s hit, “Bad Romance.”

His English teacher and judge of the event, Mrs. Randerson, explained to Flipside reporters, “I really just couldn’t relate to the motifs and sym­bols expressed in the lyrics. And his presentation in front of the class…let me tell you… ‘twas not pretty.”

We live in a world were people are constantly judged for their musical tastes. Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, one opinion borders on fact: Lady GaGa is one strange indi­vidual. And so are her fans.

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