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Snow Day Calculator Just Toddler Picking Random Numbers

Grandma Still Trying To Figure Out How To Turn On Her iPhone

Junior Can’t Wait To Wear New Sweater For Cashmere Pulaski Day

McDonald’s Remove Hamburgers After Cat Meat Is Found

Tune In To Tonight’s Oscar Speech Awards

The Oscar Celebration is set to continue when the Oscar Speech Awards are delivered tonight. For those who are unfamiliar, the Oscar Speech awards are a night of celebrating the…

Teacher Goes Into Way Too Much Detail About Valentine’s Day Plans with Husband

Kid Planning On Taking Two Days Off After Two Days Off Of School

Pope to Resign So He Can Hang Out With Tupac And Michael Jackson

Joe Biden Caught Playing Bike Race During State of the Union

Hipster TV Show Producer Angry He Won A Golden Globe

As you might already be aware, the Golden Globes took place this past Sunday. Actors and screenwriters and moms of people who didn’t have dates (Jack Black) gathered in a…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Move to Deerfield to Raise Baby

Last week after news of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy first leaked, the celebrity couple announced that they were planning on moving to Deerfield, Illinois to raise their baby. The couple plans…

Maybe Religious Extremism Not Such a Good Idea

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