Last Wednesday during a mediocre conversation in the blocks or whatever that area is called, a group of students had the realization that fourth quarter is already here, and that, consequently, it is basically summer break.

“I was just sitting there, and then all of a sudden, it came to me…I am practically a junior in high school,” bewildered sophomore Andrew Delfino declared to Flipside reporters at the scene. “That means that I am basically a senior. Wow. Nice!” Despite Delfino’s slightly conflicted chain of logic he cited to the Flipside, his comments were appreciated in his contribution to this article.

Others reached much more dramatic conclusions regarding future plans about their schoolwork. Richard Wodelhausen, freshman, explained, “I mean, I have worked so hard for my three quarters of high school…I might as well just relax for the rest of my high school experience.”

It was very clear that the student body is beginning to realize that it’s fourth quarter are hoping for a lower workload, but the staff that the Flipside interviewed felt very different. English teacher Jon Haminshire argued, “In such a situation of fleeting time, one must truly dig deep as Henry David Thoreau might do, to assess the potential one has to succeed in the last quarter of their school year.” Let’s not forget that even Thoreau took two years to chill in the woods.

Overall, whatever your thoughts are about the end of the school year, make sure to think about what is important to you. For most of us, that thought means nothing but the dreams of Lollapalooza and other larger issues of summer plans. I mean seriously!

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