By Yancey Buttsavage

WASHINGTON—This quote comes as no shock to the American general public. The accidental wit and wisdom of our dear president has been taking this nation by storm, but this puts the cherry on the cake, and it takes the cake. Delicious chocolate cake, by the way. With white and blue icing.

However, at a recent press conference, the president was asked a question by reporter Douglas Klotz. Klotz asked, “Mr. President, what do you think of Dubai’s decision to buy many large U.S. ports?” The president responded with, “Well, I believe this could be a potentially good thing for our country. Plus I find it ironic that Dubai did buy. I like irony.” When the Flipside reporters told him that that was not a good example of irony but more of a pun, he broke down into a cold sweat and left the press conference.

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