obnox1GLENCOE, IL— Rebecca Myers, a sophomore at New Trier High School, was found to have had no photos of her where she wasn’t posing with a peace sign last week.
The discovery was made by her BFF Jessica Cooper while browsing Rebecca’s Facebook. “I was just doing stuff on Facebook when I received a notification that Rebecca Myers tagged herself in my album ‘being obnoxious in a restaurant: part dos’,” Cooper tells Flipside reporters. “It was then I noticed the strange pattern. Rebecca isn’t in any photos where she is not posing with a peace sign.”
Rebecca’s mother, Susan Myers, doesn’t find this as a surprise. “She has always been like this. Even if a grandparent wants to take a picture of her, it will not be without a peace sign,” Susan reports. “It’s really obnoxious but there is nothing we can do. There is just something about camera that makes Rebecca strike that pose.”
This disturbing pattern can be traced back to before Rebecca was even born. 3 months after her conception, a routine ultrasound was taken of the fetus. The doctors found that her developing lips were puckered and her left hand was angled towards her face with two fingers sticking out. The doctors suspected a birth defect, but she was born on April 4, 1993 a beautiful, healthy baby girl. It wasn’t until only 10 minutes after her birth when her father took out his Polaroid and decided to get a quick snapshot of his newborn daughter. Needless to say, the 6 pound 8 ounce baby girl was sporting a peace sign pose.
“Sometimes, her photo pose is inappropriate or disrespectful. For instance, at her Bat Mitzvah, the photographer took over 400 photos, and not one of those was without Rebecca’s little pose,” Susan Myers explains. “Her school photos are also like that. From pre-school to 10th grade, nothing has changed.”
“I don’t see what the problem is. I’m just being myself,” says Rebecca. “I’m done talking about it now. Peace out girl scouts.”

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