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School Cafeteria Chicken Now Made With Real White Meat

Senior Sadly Realizes He Has Not Achieved Anything as Great as the Time He Caught Them All, Including Mew

Area Teen Doesn’t Have a Single Photo Where She’s Not Posing with a Peace Sign

GLENCOE, IL— Rebecca Myers, a sophomore at New Trier High School, was found to have had no photos of her where she wasn’t posing with a peace sign last week.…

Lady Turns 110, Family Celebrates Year She Doesn’t Remotely Remember

Margaret Chainsmoker turned an astounding “110 years young” as her great, great granddaughter cutely noted. Marge is still going strong and her sixty-year-old grandchildren have named her “M-dawg” so she…

Readers Ironically Most Likely To Read This Article

The smallest article ever to be published is ironically the most likely to be read. Hardly any effort has gone into this article, yet, you find yourself reading it because…