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Republican Leaders: “Is Obama Really Even a Man?”

By George Minkowski WASHINGTON—After President Obama released his birth certificate, members of the GOP have been scrambling to find something else to raise doubts about Obama’s eligibility to be president…

Graduating Class Immortalized on Cafeteria Wall for One Year

CollegeBoard Changes Penalty for Discussing Multiple-Choice Problems to Arson of Your House

Student Studying at Public Library Looks Smart, Imagines Student Studying at Public Library

DHS Senior Wants to Win “Best Eyes” Way Too Much

By George Minkowski When it comes to being voted “Best Eyes” by the DHS senior class of 2011, Brett Wicker has a “win or die” attitude. Brett had always wanted…

Blackhawks Bandwagon Too Full, Breaks Down

Epic Presidential Fistbump Causes Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake

CatDog Still Confused About How To Poop

Gaddafi Hates the Photo They Chose of Him for the Cover of Time

By George Minkowski Colonel Muammar Gaddafi hates a lot of things and people; Jewish people, many of his own citizens, running a stable coun­try, and artichokes. But recently, some­thing else…

News in Brief: Referendum Fails, It’s Back to District 113’s Only Non-Broken Drawing Board

By Gunther Hausmann After the District 113 referendum was shot down by a margin of 2,041 votes on Tuesday night, the school board and other referendum supporters headed back to…

Report: The Fray Still Exists

Newly Elected School Board Candidate A Little Too Excited to Be Elected to School Board

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