Last week, there was an extremely controversial meeting that took place between North Korean’s supreme leader Kim Jung-Un and former Chicago Bulls star rebounder Dennis Rodman.

In light of Rodman’s voyage to North Korea, Jung-Un built a way for the two to reminisce about Rodman’s glory days. At a mysterious press conference, Kim Jung-Un unveiled a time machine prototype composed of two easy-bake ovens and four yo-yos connected by crusty, reused Bazooka bubble-gum wrappers. The slightly plump man was overjoyed to reveal what he was been developing, but no one was able to understand what he said. An interpreter told us that he announced, “Let it be known, North Korea has successfully made a time machine! With its vast power, I travelled back to the greatest decade known to man.”

Most reporters mistakenly thought he travelled to the 80s, but the shy and reserved Dennis Rodman from the 1995 Chicago Bulls knew what decade this handsome Korean leader was referring to.
After traveling back in time, the power duo was able to see all of the fads and trends that characterized the 90s. They saw A Tribe Called Quest perform in concert in Brooklyn, New York and they both hummed the words to “Electric Relaxation”.

Who knew that North Koreans were into African beats? Anyway, later on, they went on an Internet Chat room for a couple of hours. Rodman was impressed at the abilities Jung-Un had in flirting with ladies online. They were able to add a couple of people their buddy lists and they made their away message customized.

Lastly, Rodman and Jung-Un hit up a stereotypical 90s tattoo parlor to make themselves look grungier. Rodman added a barbed wire band to his left calf while Jung-Un inked up a lion growling on his right pectoral. Both Jung-Un and Rod- man enjoyed their experience in the time machine of the 90s.

When they finally got back to reality, they were shocked at the changes between the two cultures. “I just didn’t know what to do with myself,” Rodman told Flipside reporters. “I was feeling really uncomfortable so I did what made sense to me; I grabbed a couple of my favorite beanie babies and a couple of slap bracelets and put on “I Want It That Way””. Don’t you just want to go back to the 90s?

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