In one of the biggest scandals since last year’s senior shirt, the student body is in an uproar over the inappropriate senior shirt. Most of the teenage boys took great offense to the shirt after reading what it said. “Seniors 2013?? What is that supposed to mean?” exclaims incoming Freshman Joey Manila, “It’s like the administration is openly making fun of the freshmen. #Freshmen2016” This sentiment is echoed by most freshmen and sophomores throughout the Twittersphere. Their frustration has stemmed from the unconcerned administration, which has never showed any interest at all in what the Senior t-shirts say. The angry underclassmen are too consumed with the deeper meaning on the front of the shirt to even understand the motif on the back of the shirt.

The most scandalous part of the T-Shirt is found on the back, which says “13MOC” instead of “BMOC.” This blatantly breaks school code of not using 1337 (Leet) when making senior shirts. In homeroom discussions, teachers adamantly defend the used of 1337-speak. “I think it is quite clever that the shirt utilizes a ‘one’ and a ‘three’ instead of a ‘B,’” says English teacher Tara Woodridge, “It is nice to see students think originally and critically about the fallacies of society.” While some students spent this time pondering over the “fallacies of society” on their poorly hidden iPhones, Senior Link Meek is bothered by his teacher’s opinion. “Does she not know how offensive this is to women? BMOC means Big Man on Campus and now no one knows that thanks to the 13.” Meek thinks that this shirt becomes misleading as some people might believe that their school has only 13 men on campus. “At no points does this controversial shirt acknowledge the woman on campus or off campus!” Meek cries.

This discussion found its way into most science and math classrooms, wasting valuable time that would have been spent reviewing actual material for the final. One science teacher, Jack Portland, told The Flipside, “Yeah, the shirt doesn’t bother me at all, but it was great not having to talk about stupid photosynthesis anymore. You can only spend so much time talking about plants.”

Despite what controversy has enthralled DHS, at least we can all find comfort in the fact that our next homeroom discussions aren’t for another three or more months.


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