Area High School Found Using Snapchat for Finals Studying

With finals looming in the foreseeable future, Deschanel High School students have been hard at work preparing tech-savvy ways to learn integrals and balance equations. Dirk Berger, a junior, has discovered that Snapchat is a great way to share notes with friends. Berger told The Flipside “Meeting up with my Calc buddies is limiting, so I’d rather just Snapchat them my questions!” Snapchat, normally meant for taking pictures of other people why they are not looking, has evolved into the newest study gadget for high school students. The ten-second timer helps students focus on studying for less time than usual. Berger uses the extra time to study other material with

“Memes are a really effective way to study because Futurama Fry narrows the answer down to two possibilities.” Remarks Berger. Unfortunately, he is not sure if Dipole-Dipole or just Van der Waal. Berger’s FaceTime study partner Franni Tinley believed she knew the answer. “I don’t always know about atomic bonds, but when I do, it’s always Van der Waal.”

Many Deschanel High School teachers cringe at the badly worded memes and unhelpful study habits, but the ever-growing availability of Smartphones is revolutionizing the school. Recently, students have been caught cheating on tests by watching YouTube tutorial videos. Tinley is very disappointed with her fellow students believing that they need to spend less time studying the material so that they can figure out more creative ways to hide their phones during class.

August 6, 2013

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