Opinion: This Whole Deal With Angels in America is Just So Gay

By Freddy Teenager

NORTHBROOK, IL—I’ve only been following this media frenzy from across town, but come on guteenagerrrrys. From what I’ve heard this whole deal with the Angels in America play or book or whatever is just so gay.
I mean it’s just a book. Like who cares anyway whether or not these people read it? I don’t care. Honestly though, the way these NSSA people have handled this whole thing is just really gay. Like I can buy porn or whatever if I’m eighteen and so it’s not even like a book is like that or nearly as bad.
Seriously, it’s so gay that they made this into a huge issue. No one in the classroom objected to it, so is it even their part to tell them what to read? That is really just lame by them.
I mean I’m not one to call everyone out, but I know when people make a mess out of nothing. And this was it. Dude I have more homework now anyways, so I cant even finish this. Wow, so gay.

December 15, 2008

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