What is all this silent bickering I hear? Enough of this. When I hear people complain about the moment of silence, this is what it sounds like, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” They have absolutely nothing to say; all they know is that they don’t want nothing.

People tell me that with silence comes clarity and vision. What a bunch of hogwash! This moment of silence only gives people more time to think about their fantasy team and how the temperature isn’t right in the school, not anything reflective and important.

Yes, I know the legislature tells us that we “shall” have a moment of silence now. It is like the eleventh commandment, “Thou shalt have a moment of silence.” There is all this buzz down in Springfield, and all this buzz everywhere else about how there is all this buzz over silence. Ironic.

People say they know why there is a moment of silence. People condemn those right-wing conservatives for instituting prayer and breaching church-state separation. No one knows what the real reasons are.

All that has come from mandated silence is extraneous noise. People complain that they are paying taxes that are wasted on silence. People love talking about where their tax dollars are going and how they know exactly how they should be spent but aren’t being spent correctly.

People ask me, “Gregor, should we be getting all worked up about about ten seconds?” I say to them, “Gilderoy, it’s not so black and white. Some people are happy now just because they have another issue to complain about. Most people are indifferent because there is another thing that no one really cares about. So the answer to your question, Gilderoy, is perhaps, whatever, floats your boat.

But for now, Gilderoy, I don’t want a moemnt of silence I want a moment of truth (but only for ten seconds).

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