Last Monday afternoon, it was discovered that the feelings of DHS students is exceedingly positive and that the cause was the creation of the Facebook page Deerfield Compliments. In response to such an extremely high level of smiling and other nice things, rebellious sophmore Randy Smith created “Deerfield Disses” during an all-nighter spent mostly on Facebook.

“I mean, people are in way too good of moods at school ever since this stupid page was made and people need to get back to reality. Life is not fair and there’s no reason for everyone to smile and pretend that any compliments make them feel better,” Smith rambled.

Even though many of his classmates think Smith just needs a compliment himself, he has already become passionate in his pursuit of this page. One of the disses, which received almost 15 likes on the page said, “Alex Jones, you are slightly overweight and those friends in your gym class that act nice to you actually think you’re a loser”. Other, more inappropriate disses were restricted from being printed but can be found in the depths of the interwebs (or the “Disses” facebook page).

In response to the creation of this page, some students were outraged. “How can we let a student just bring down the high level of kindness that was just developed at DHS?” These students took action and decided to create a more politically correct “Deerfield Neutral Statements” Page.

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