Last Tuesday, it was discovered that there is an underground group of people who are paying each other to like their profile pictures. Even though other bribes such as doing another person’s homework for a like have been discovered, exchanging payments was unheard of.

Underclassmen who were unaware of this activity relied on the changing-your-profile-picture-to-the-same-as-someone-else’s trick, but only were able to get a maximum of 18 likes.

As soon as news of this so-called “black market” leaked, the twitteverse erupted. One user posted, “@Y_O_L_O88 Can you believe that people are actually doing this now?? #signsoftheapocalypse”. Another, probably freshman, wrote, “Can somebody tell me how I can tap into these under-the-table negotations #desperateforlikes #hashtag”.

Even though the twitterverse freaked out over this news about Facebook, other social media outlets such as Instagram and Reddit (not actually social media) were much quieter. Despite this eruption of chatter and discussion on these different sites, economists and psychologists are closely examining this phenomenon. “Kids these days…” one study said.

No one is sure where this activity will lead, but what we do know is that one DHS student has lost over $342 in the past two days. But now he has a lot of friends now, right?

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