Recent reports from trusted news sources Ray William Johnson and Anderson Cooper state that the Art Institute in Chicago is adding a new photo to their Van Gogh collection. This photograph was taken by Albany High School Junior Sarah Bard.

Sarah Bard told Flipside reporters that “I’m like, totally stoked to be famous!” The famous photograph displays Bard and best friend Lindsay Johnson duck-facing into a mirror. Aside from Sarah’s left arm taking up half of the frame, Bard claims that the picture was still really “artsy”. “It doesn’t matter that my arm was in it because Lindsay put up a peace sign,” she tried to describe, even though only one finger made it in the shot. The addition of the “Nashville” filter worked wonders on the picture to make art critics from around the world’s mouths water.

The photograph was initially posted to Facebook where it garnered more than 100 likes from Facebook friends. Although she didn’t know most of them, one “friend” happened to be the son of Art Institute Curator Jacques Reming de Blanc. The high school freshman showed it to de Blanc who immediately fell in love with intentional use of the rule of thirds and the lighting contrast. De Blanc isn’t the only one vying for this once-in-a-lifetime piece of art; both the Louvre and the Vatican are hoping to acquire the masterpiece.

Bard is honored that so many French people like her art, but could never get over the fact that French people didn’t make French fries. She recalled to The Flipside, “I saw Ratatouille before I took World History so I thought I knew everything about French food. It turns out that all the French make is like, Swiss cheese.”

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