Area Senior “Visits” College for Fourth Time

Last weekend, area senior Dennis Thomas visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the fourth time since the start of the school year. Although he had been to the campus multiple times before, Thomas pleaded to his parents to allow him to take another tour. “I think I can get a better sense of the academic and extracurricular offerings of the school,” he convinced his parents.

Pictures soon began to populate Dennis’ mother Kathy’s news feed the following Saturday after what looked to be a night of partying. “That is one interesting campus tour and information session,” she said in a disappointed tone.

Dennis’ friends were also upset that Dennis was away for the weekend. Will Evans, sophomore said, “Kevin and I didn’t have our third guy that was needed to make our night in my kitchen and then McDonald’s an awesome one.” Dennis, however, was present on the news feeds of many Deerfield students thanking his newfound college “buddies” and others for what was described as a “sweet” weekend that he’ll never forget.

When Dennis got back to school on Tuesday, he was surprised at how exhausted he was from his trip. His muscles were aching and he didn’t seem to be able to focus in class. “Good thing I only have another four days until I get to visit another college,” he thought to himself as he dozed off again at his desk.

July 30, 2013

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