By George Minkowski

Despite having no individual lines, wireless microphone, or exceedingly difficult dance moves, Sophomore Henry Wasserman is reportedly “pretty nervous” for tonight’s performance of All Shook Up.

Wasserman, who was casted as the fan-favorite Townsperson #4 after a stellar audition, has never gotten stage fright before this. Cast mates generally describe him as “calm and collected” and “an adequate actor,” but they understand how much is at stake for him tonight and what a bad performance would do to his career.

To cope with this newfound stress, the young actor has clocked many additional hours rehearsing, ensuring he is prepared to play his vital role in the production. He’s made three flash cards to remember song lyrics and drawn diagrams of where he is supposed to be on stage during the show. This last measure seems a little much as if he forgets where he’s supposed to be, he just needs to look for the spotlight and “stay as far away from it as possible.”

All four of Henry’s grandparents flew in from California and Florida to see the premier. “We actually came for his sister’s Bat Mitzvah, but let Henry think what he likes,” said his Grandmother, Phyllis Wasserman. “The show was fantastic,” Mrs. Wasserman added. “I just wish we could have seen him from the back row.”

Henry will be missing the first act of Saturday’s performance because of his sister’s “stupid ceremony.” Because of this, the actor cast as Statue #9 will also have to play Wasserman’s role. Just like in Black Swan.

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