Scandal of the Century: Two Girls Wear Same Sleazy Dress to Turnabout

By Stasi Starr
DEERFIELD– As the old adage goes, no two snowflakes are exactly a like. Unfortunately, this doesn’t hold true for teenage girls, because on Saturday, two girls wore the same trashy dress to Turnabout.
The dress, if you consider something with so little fabric a dress, was worn by Freshman Molly Cullum and Junior Samantha Mintz. Upon purchasing it, both were sure that nobody else would be wearing the Fuchsia/Silver dress from Allure’s Hannah Montana Collection. The girls were equally stunned to find the other wearing the same jacket that also didn’t cover much.
“I had the dress first,” said the girls.
“I wish you would choose to wear something more… appropriate,” said their mothers, but neither girl brought a more appropriate dress to change into. They were both stuck at the dance in the same tight and tiny “dress.”
It was about a 50/50 split over which girl wore the dress better, however, 100% of the chaperones agreed that the dress should be returned to the Bratz Doll from whom it was stolen.

February 21, 2010

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