Whether it was the smell, sound, or sight of them, you probably noticed grandparents in the school last week. No, they were not lost. It was Grandparent’s Day, a day where seniors, if they want, can have their grandparents follow them around through a normal high-school day.
Many seniors embraced this opportunity to show their grandparents their true colors. They wore their same ripped jeans and fiscally irresponsible shoes. They swore as usual, cheated as usual, and really made a great day for their parents’ parents.
Betsy Feingold, grandmother of Rich Feingold, was one of these disrespected adults.
“Richy made me ‘pull up a chair at lunch’ and wouldn’t talk to me because I was on the left side: the side he ‘has his ear bud in, now shut-up, Gramz,’” Betsy tells Flipside reporters.
“I was a little offended, but at least he included me when he was taking his AP Euro test. He said that I was a lot of help because he said, “I was probably around for Napoleon.’”
Not all grandparents were as included as Betsy was. Room P103 was dedicated to grandparents who were abandoned by their grandchildren for one reason or another. Some were there because their grandchildren didn’t want to make-out in front of their grandparents. Others were there because they threatened to tell their grandchildren’s parents that they bought their lunch on a student ID and used their lunch money in some shady transaction.
Most grandparents enjoyed their time visiting. These grandparents’ grandchildren are better know as liars. This is because no grandparent would really be proud of their grandchild if they knew that, for the most part, teenagers are kind of not great people.

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