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CBS Executives Sick of Trying to Fire Andy Rooney

By Gunther Hausman NEW YORK CITY– For 31 years now, the iconic Andy Rooney has been closing the news show 60 Minutes with his insightful take on social, economic, and…

Grandparents Given the Opportunity to See their Lying, Cheating Grandchildren in New Light

Whether it was the smell, sound, or sight of them, you probably noticed grandparents in the school last week. No, they were not lost. It was Grandparent’s Day, a day…

Guest Letter: Asking Male Friends for Their Phone Numbers

“Ummm… hey dude, could I get your digits?” “My ‘digits’? Dude, what are you going to do next, invite me to the Rain Forest Café and burn me a Good…

Iron Chef Spectator Tells Everyone to “Calm Down”

My Grandma Pretends to Enjoy The Flipside