A Plea to Mr. Gore

Al Gore: Whoever is watching us from above must really have it in for you. You probably picked the most rediculously stupid name for your little environmental situation. Global Warming? I don’t think so buddy. Mother nature is pissed. At you. Because this week sure as a cow’s behind has NOT been warm. It’s been freezing, and it’s not even October. So go take your Global Warming, put it in a blender, and press that darn “CHOP ICE” button. Or better yet, just go sit in the corner with the dunce hat until you feel you can behave, and change that darn name. You got us all scared to throw away a piece of paper. It’s just nature, and it’s inevitable. Call it, “Mother-Nature-Can’t-Make-Up-Her-Mind.” One week, it’s in the 80’s, the next, the 50’s. Please elaborate, Mr. Gore. Explain how that constitutes “warming.” Or, shut the yapper until you find a better name. Thanks.

October 23, 2009

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