By Elijah Brisk

Students were up in arms today, as The Flipside was released in solely black and white copies. “How could something so terrible happen?” the masses wondered. As inconsid­erate as it may seem, the decision actually came from the death of a beloved international icon – Roy G. Biv. Yes, it’s true – yesterday, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, painter, and well known schizophrenic passed away, and as tribute to the colorful celebrity, The Flipside will from this moment forward be published in black and white.

But is it a cause for concern? Well, of course it is! No­body wants to look at a boring, colorless Infographic! In an interview with Senior Flipside Correspondent James Pickard, Jr., veteran reader, Sam Graham, exclaimed, “Now I might actually have to start reading the articles since you made the rest of The Flipside boring!” It was later revealed that Graham was in fact illiterate, though his illegitimate words were still taken to heart.

Still, others were in favor of eliminating color to re­member Mr. Biv. Sophomore Gregory Miller said, “After all the inspiration he gave to kindergarten kids across the world, I’m glad someone is finally giving him his due!”

After these testimonies and more were heard and considered, The Flipside crew decided that the best thing to do was to ignore the issue and return to te­dious task of creating the weekly cryptogram. So al­though the student body was heavily in favor of the color copies, they just weren’t worth the price.

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