By John Frolinian

DEERFIELD, IL—Bob Vacation, a five year senior at Deerfield High School, was puzzled last Friday for class color day and the pep rally following it. Bob, who many lovingly dub, the “super-senior,” for his great looks and wit (and five years of attendance) was unsure of what color he was to wear.

“Well let’s see. Freshman are white, sophomores are green, juniors are blue and seniors are black. I think teachers might have been red or gray, or maybe khaki. But what does that make super-seniors?” asked Vacation.

“I think it makes them yellow,” said an overconfident four year senior. “Any other color is just too similar to everyone else. And we want Bob to stand out as much as he can.”

That is not the goal expressed by the administration. “We want everyone to be the same and unified,” said the deans. “Everyone should all wear the Deerfield jumpsuit to express conformity and thoughtlessness. Any further expression of color could become controversial.” They would not answer directly about Bob Vacation because they did not want to single out students.

The other super senior, was indifferent as to class color day. “I will probably wear what I always wear,” reported Nathan Helisten. “My robe.”

Flipside reporters who attended class color day and the pep rally did spot Vacation and Helisten. Vacation wore black and Helisten wore his robe.

“I didn’t wear black,” said Vacation. “I wore charcoal. It is similar, but by no means the same. And that is how I see myself among this population of seniors.” In the future, Vacation hopes to graduate Deerfield High School and move forward into a university.

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