Hurricane La Catrina Strikes Desperate Sophomore Class

By Peter Cottel

DEERFIELD, IL—In a devastating attack, “La Catrina: Episodio Uno” struck the unprepared sophomore class last Tuesday in the listening lab in D-111. Many came out so disheveled that they needed to ask what period it was and what month they were in.

“The thing that struck me most was the acting,” said very perceptive sophomore student Bill Owdion. “It was so realistic, when they told me this was actually a work of fiction, I insisted that it was not. I’m telling you, that story just seemed so real.”

Many students were not as lucky. “I was not ready for La Catrina,” said motivated student Vallerie Flomtching. “It was so difficult that even on my seventh watching, I could not piece together some of those phrases from Felipe and Rogelio.”

Many students were not even as lucky as Vallerie. Said a terrified Owen Forest, “I mean when Hurricane La Catrina hits, it hits hard. After watching Episodio Uno, my papers were strewn all over the place and I couldn’t even find my backpack.”

Hurricane La Catrina left the sophomore Spanish class in shambles, but Spanish teachers are working on a recovery effort.

December 15, 2008

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