By Armando Sallywiggs

DEERFIELD, IL—After being under recent scrutiny for its rules about kicking students out of football games, Deerfield High School did not improve its image any better when Friday night, security guard Randall Hughes and Gene Withers kicked Glenn Marstrom, a junior, out of the game for his mere presence.

Trouble was brewing when Marstrom, a quiet and introverted junior at Deerfield, walked into Adams Field looking to watch some good football. However, his effort was immediately halted by two security guards who say they wish to keep the game “pure and sensible.” Marstrom’s reaction was one of shock and disbelief at the irrational guards who grabbed Marstrom by the arm pits and “escorted” him out of Adam’s Field with nothing more than a few minor bruises and a black eye.

Security guard Withers, Officer Withers as he is known around the trade, declined for comment. However Hughes had this to say about the incident: “I mean, you can’t just let somebody get away with this. What with the football game and all, a student can’t just waltz into the game and expect to stay. It is merely illogical to think that we would let somebody get away with something like this…coming to a football game to watch the football game, I mean, something’s gotta be done.” When asked to talk about the potential for a decline in attendance, Hughes said “That’s a risk we’re willing to take.”

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