By Gertrude Voe

The id that said Potsvan was a believable six years old.

DISNEY WORLD, FL—Just yesterday, 24 year old Sam Potsvan was denied admittance to the kids roller coaster at Walt Disney’s Disney World. In what turned out to be quite a scene, it took all three of the rides security men and women to restrain him.

The ride was for ages seven and under and had a height limit of 48 inches. Postvan, who did not meet either of those criteria, was nevertheless determined to get on the ride. He had acquired a fake identification that said he was a 46 inch tall six-year-old from Tallahassee, Florida. When asked for comment Potsvan replied, “I was sure it would work. I had the fake and everything.” He continued, “My friends always said I had somewhat of a baby face too, so I thought I had that going.”

When Potsvan came to the front of the line, the ride attendant was skeptical and asked to see his id. The attendant, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I think what gave it away was the beard and the European accent. He said Tallahassee, and I really didn’t buy that, because I’m from Tallahassee, and that’s not what we sound like!”

The guard then testifies that he calmly asked Potsvan to leave, or he would have to confiscate his ID and gather the Disney Police. Potsvan, who has been known to use force, tried to push his way onto the ride, and subsequently he was stopped by the rotating turnstile. He was then escorted by two guards onto the Disney Tram where he was politely asked to find his way back to Mickey Mouse parking and leave before any further complications occurred.

The other kids on the ride were furious. A five year old, who gave his name as Matty said, “I had to wait so much longer because of him!” We asked another two year old, named Viv, who was just learning to talk for comment. “Ma-ma!” she yelled, before starting to cry voraciously.

Sam Potsvan is awaiting trial in District Court and has a good chance of being deported back to Denmark, because he had overstayed his green card.

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