Google to Release New “Google Google”

Tobin Strathmore

With the recent release of Google subsidiaries such as Google Moon, Google Mars, and Google Jupiter’s 12th Moon, Internet search engine powerhouse, Google, just announced its newest project, Google Google.

This new Google Google will provide users with pictures of Google, research on the “Google Guys,” an in depth examination of the number googolplex, and a speech given by Professor Chauncy Rafferty on how goofy the word google is.

Google founder Sergey Brin discussed the repercussions of Google Google. “Google Google is a great way to expand our horizons to a world beyond the monitor screen.”

While Google junkies are doting over the idea of Google Google, some critics feel it is best that Google just focus on the inevitable, total world domination. Longtime Amish man Grayson O’Callahan, a prominent critic of all things technological, said “This Google Google sham is a whole bunch of gobbledygook. Lucky for these guys, not too many people know about this “Google” site. Of course, the only people I convene with are men with Matisyahu beards who ride a horse and think that the Internet is a type of fishing gear.”

After the founders of Google learned of their critics’ accusations they said “This whole plan to take over the world…that is no lie. However, our game plan is still in Beta.”

December 15, 2008

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