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The Hunger Games: A Sign for Katniss and Peeta?

Fourth Quarter Already Here (It’s About Time)

Last Wednesday during a mediocre conversation in the blocks or whatever that area is called, a group of students had the realization that fourth quarter is already here, and that,…

A Senior’s Battle with Senioritis: The Tale of an Overachiever

For most seniors, April is a time of relaxation. With little more to do than a fifth grader waiting to enter middle school, most seniors opt to hang out with…

Student Fears He Might Be Republican, Rejected By Family and Friends

It’s that magical time again, the presidential primaries! For most students this means the wonder of listening to Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and laughing derisively at the face of…

The Benefits of a Staycation, Even if It’s In Deerfield

DEERFIELD, IL—Senior Timmy Stevens sits in sixth period math class as teacher Jordan Fitzpatrick suggests the class do a “whip around to find out where everyone is going for spring…

Junior Doesn’t Make March Madness Bracket, Has No Friends for a Month

Frazzled Groundskeeper Attempts to Mow Synthetic Turf, Doesn’t Grow Back

Update: Prom Moved to Camp David

Drill Team and Warriorettes Merger Requires A Little Bit of Negotiating

After IHSA guidelines silenced the passionate and overly-emotional members of DHS’ own Drill Team and Warriorettes, the time has finally come for the two teams to merge together. Since oddly…

Jeremy Lin Too Good to Be True? Yes: Actually Robot Superhuman Designed to Increase NBA Publicity

Moving Walkway To Be Installed in X-Hall

DHS Library Invests in Nooks, Kindles Determined Way Too Mainstream