For most seniors, April is a time of relaxation. With little more to do than a fifth grader waiting to enter middle school, most seniors opt to hang out with friends over doing homework in an age long tradition called “Senioritis.” While Senioritis may come easy to most, overachiever and all around know-it-all Alex Radkin is not so lucky.

Alex has been a hard-worker since he was young. Always having a passion for learning and sucking up to teachers, Alex has been very successful in his educational career. His English teachers have always loved him because he overuses the word “juxtaposition” and math teachers adored him because he didn’t go straight to the back of the book for the answers to the homework. He is in 4 AP classes this year and is used to spending upwards of 7 hours a night on homework–none of which he also spent on Facebook.

However, Alex has always been a bit late to the game, and Senioritis is no exception. When he arrived back at school on April 2nd, he noticed a visible shift in his senior companions. Suddenly, his friends were not doing homework and started doing this thing called “winging it.” This was not how Alex functioned, but he tried to fit in with his friends.

“I totally have Senioritis!” said Alex to a group of friends at the lunch table. “My GPA is only like a 3.7 this semester. And I bet if I took the ACT again tomorrow, I would definitely only get a 33!”

Unfortunately, Alex’s friends saw right through his attempt and were immediately disgusted by his need to work. So appalled were they that they staged an intervention at his home later that night, where they made Sparknotes his homepage and forced Alex to create not only a Facebook account but also a Twitter. “That’s sure to distract him,” said Alex’s best friend and smart-enough student Jason Karmen. “And if it isn’t, then I guess we will just have to get him a Tumblr too.”

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