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A Senior’s Battle with Senioritis: The Tale of an Overachiever

For most seniors, April is a time of relaxation. With little more to do than a fifth grader waiting to enter middle school, most seniors opt to hang out with…

The Benefits of a Staycation, Even if It’s In Deerfield

DEERFIELD, IL—Senior Timmy Stevens sits in sixth period math class as teacher Jordan Fitzpatrick suggests the class do a “whip around to find out where everyone is going for spring…

Information About New Oscar Categories Leak to Public

As 2012 continues to move along at a snail’s pace, we find ourselves in the boring month of February, which can only mean one thing: awards season. With shows such…

iPhones Taking Over the World, Everyone Too Busy iMessaging to Care

Hallways Now Closed in Order to Open Minds

By Maddie Ambrose The start of second semester is upon us and for most it is a time of celebration. Seniors embark on their final semester of high school, freshmen…

Theatre Kids Go to Some Fest, School Finally Quiet for Once

Man Cannot Form Intelligible Sentence, Decides to Enter the GOP Race

Obama’s Pardoned Turkey Arrested, Suspected of Fowl Play

Grandparents’ Day Reestablishes Stereotype That Grandpas Love Ugly Sweaters

Fine Arts Assembly Canceled Due to Too Much Laughter Over Its Nickname

New Twilight Movie Released, Cedric is Still Dead

Bieber Christmas CD Sells Out, Five-Year-Olds and Middle-Aged Moms Disappointed Everywhere

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