Hipster TV Show Producer Angry He Won A Golden Globe

As you might already be aware, the Golden Globes took place this past Sunday. Actors and screenwriters and moms of people who didn’t have dates (Jack Black) gathered in a really nice auditorium to watch each other receive awards for their work. Spirits were high throughout the room, but there was one man that was not enjoying himself that night.

“There’s no reason that I should be here,” H.F. Marlson told Flipside reporters. “There are so many other artists and actors out there that mainstream audiences don’t know about. Those people are the ones that deserve attention.” Even though he hadn’t even won an award yet, Marlson felt guilty being in such a nice auditorium with other people that he didn’t feel comfortable around.

Marlson is the director of a TV show called This Is My TV Show and he started out with very little money when he first produced it. It takes place in a small town in Ohio and profiles the interactions of three close childhood friends that are now a coffee barista, an elementary music teacher, and a guy who collects old- fashioned watches and sells them on Amazon.

Over the course of this past Sunday night, Marlson worried about potentially winning an award for his odd TV show and having to give a speech in front of a crowd of people whose beliefs he didn’t agree with. Some- how, probably because his show was so bizarre, Marlson took home best dramatic TV show. He gave a speech about how the three friends from the show are really inside of each one of us and about how we all must search for our inner barista. Whatever that actually meant, no one knows.

August 6, 2013

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