AUDITORIUM—In a gripping half-hour presentation, Deputy Sheriff Pat McMullan successfully convinced area teenagers to “say no” to homecoming.

After the presentation, Flipside reporters interviewed the surprisingly changed individuals of the high school. One senior told us, “You know at first, I was definitely planning on going to the homecoming dance, but after hearing about the consequences of having an open corsage in my car, I’m not going.” Other students were disappointed that they would be charged for wearing any Chicago Cubs gear to the dance.

This speech did not only affect seniors, but sophomores were also influenced. “This presentation made me rethink my values about this upcoming weekend as much as Kristen Stewart’s acting in Twilight made me Team Edward,” sophomore girl Rosy Pinkerton described.

No matter how intimidating the Sheriff may have been during his presentation, he told the Flipside that he would “love to see my high school friends in three months for Turnabout”.

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