By George Minkowski

WASHINGTON—After President Obama released his birth certificate, members of the GOP have been scrambling to find something else to raise doubts about Obama’s eligibility to be president or destroy his credibility. Despite the fact Obama’s sex is “Male” on his birth certificate, many politicians still have doubts for some reason. And are trying to plant the seed of doubt in the minds of American voters before the 2012 election. It’s like Inception all over again.

“It’s obviously legal to be a lady president,” said Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. “It’s just wrong to be lied to about it.” That’s why she and several others including Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and even Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have joined forced to pressure Obama into giving “just a little proof.”

“This is absolutely ridiculous, but I’ll oblige this once more,” said Obama. He offered up a blood sample, but that offer was rejected as the results of a blood test can easily be manipulated. “The only proof we would accept at this point,” Tweeted Palin, “would be a photograph.”

“Absolutely not,” responded Obama. Perhaps he declined because he doesn’t want to end up like Brett Favre, or perhaps he actually has something to hide. Regardless, Palin and her followers continue to stress how easy it would be to put to rest the doubt of a nation. Last Tuesday, she released a list of acceptable ways for Obama to prove his sex. Some of the most notable included:

– Jog in only DFDC track shorts

– Dougie in only DFDC track shorts

– Swim in only DFDC track shorts

– Let Palin confirm personally, please?

First Lady Michele Obama weighed in on the conversation by saying, “I assure you Barack is very much a man. How else did I have Sasha and Malia?” Glen Beck answered that hypothetical questions but submitting they could have been adopted from another county… maybe even Kenya.

Sasha and Malia could not be reach for comment.

In other news, something smells fishy.

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