By Gunther Hausman

This past Friday, the rap group Endiskize came to DHS to film their music video for the song “We Don’t Back Down.” The largely obscure rap group was inspired by our school spirit and thought it would be appropriate to disrupt a full day of learning to film their video.
Many were opposed to the idea, but administrators and teachers alike were assured that their students would be returned to them as soon as they were finished shooting.
Endiskize, with over 160 (but under 162) MySpace friends, is the third most popular music group to come out of the west Chicago suburbs behind only Dr. DJ Stein, MD, PIMP and Justin Bieber’s cousin. Their semi-widespread fame and unique message (tolerance maybe?) evidently earned them enough “cred” that when they said we would be on MTV, we were actually impressed.
Ms. China, a member of the rap trio, believes those who participated in the music video did not waste their time. “Being in the video was a learning experience or whatever. Those kids learned that they can get as excited as they want to be in a video, but we will just edit them out if they have acne.
“Word,” added co-member, BooMan.
Perhaps most impressive was Endiskize’s attention to detail. Most would anticipate a simple scene where the students walk through D-hall would take around twenty minutes, maybe a half hour. Wrong! Three hours of filming later, Endiskize finally had a shot they could be happy with: a culturally and socially diverse school population generally excited about learning. If they ever add a best co-actor in a music video category to the Oscars, Deerfield High School students will certainly get the nod.
Another testament to their attention to detail was BooMan’s shirt: sleeveless flannel. Because apparently he can discern such a great temperature difference between his arms and torso that his shirt choice was hardly even an option.

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