By George Minkowski
HIGHLAND PARK — Over a dozen Deerfield students stayed home from school Monday after receiving salmonella from Walker Brothers due to unrefrigerated eggs. However, becoming violently ill is not enough to keep most people away from the delicious pancake house.
Those infected with the food-bourne bacteria report that besides nausea, fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, their meal at Walker Brothers was quite enjoyable. Many of these individuals plan on returning as soon as they can eat solid foods again.
Rebecca Samuels was among these unexpecting diners. “I ordered the Apple Pancake with a side of toast and an egg. It was soooo good but I got soooo sick.”
“Worth it,” adds Rebecca.
At any other restaurant, one would expect that traffic would go down following an outbreak of a bacteria that infects 142,000 Americans annually, but Walker Brothers proves to be an exception.
Following the outbreak, restaurant attendance has been up nearly 46%. This can be explained by a phenomenon that anyone who has ever eaten at Walker Brothers understands. That is, when people talk about Walker Brothers, you want Walker Brothers.
Rebecca Samuels e-mailed her teachers to let them know why she wouldn’t be in school on Monday. Her English and Math teachers responded by telling her that they were very jealous because Walker Brothers is, “totally the bomb.”
This incident marks the fourth outbreak in two years, but the restaurant defends their poor sanitation and food preparation habits by reminding visitors time and time again that sometimes you have to sacrifice safety for taste. Besides, who is it to say that salmonella is not what makes Walker Brothers food so gosh darn delicious in the first place?

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