You have read my book. Its subject matter is blatantly evident. I assume with the great degree of knowledge that you possess that you at least have the capability to tell me its plot summary.

But no! You tell me that the character of Vladimir is showing the struggle of a righteous man caught in the corrupt world of government and sin, and this too is an allegory for how we struggle to find our inner self.

No, I say! The story of Vladimir was at most a surface level narrative. His journey to the supermarket to purchase peanuts was solely that. There was no deeper meaning here. The story meant what it said. You critics extract things that are not there and clearly this was not the purpose of the story!

It is offensive the way with which you contort the meaning of my story. I had crafted a beautiful piece of literature but the meanings you derive are absolutely wrong. There is no way that you could have said Regina was a character whose absolute evil was really her way of showing her love of foreign religion. This cannot be! Regina was a toddler who liked to draw with crayons and there is no way you can interpret my story as thus.

Please, I say, do not work your ways on my story. If I say the word yellow you interpret it to mean blue, or maybe war, or maybe peace, and probably two of you will say that it was about the journey of life. Stop right here, I say. Take my story for what it is because that is what it is.

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