Post-Prom Sponsors in School Senior Ditch Day

Deerfield Il- Due to the amazing turn out to post-prom, the administration has come up with another counter-culture success. Their ads consisting of an arrow pointing at an empty desk with the statement “That could be you” has been met with tremendous success. Senior Melanie Shaw, who was not planning to attend school on senior ditch day, is just plain stoked to go to in school senior ditch day. “What really did it for me was the ad with kids running around the track in their gym clothes and the arrow saying this could be you. This is going to be so much more fun than not going to school. And safer to boot.”

Some seniors are skeptical of an in school senior ditch day. Complaints have varied from school sucks all the way to school sucks. Conspiracy theorists assert this is some grand scheme by the administration to get students to show up on Senior Ditch Day, but the deans flat out deny these claims. “Just like post-prom, this even actually is not brought down by the natural boringness of school. How can it not be fun if the other grades cannot participate in it? You know you want to feel special. Don’t give me that look.”

The post-prom committee is really going the extra mile to replicate senior ditch day in a safer environment, as students still have to get called out by their parents. Real rebels can go to in school Senior Ditch Day without even being called out!

December 30, 2008

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