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Everybody needs to lighten up. Want to know how I got these grades? I studied hard and always followed directions. I never used a phone in school either. Well, accept for my one phone call. I just wanted my phone call. Now where was I? Oh yes, school. If you kids out there try hard you’ll turn out great. Just look at me! I am always smiling. School may be tough sometimes, but may I suggest implementing a little chaos. Maybe try doing a baking soda volcano project or use degree mode instead of radian for a change. Mixing things up is always necessary.

One important thing to keep in mind is when things do not go as planned everybody starts to freak out. What I am trying to say is STAY ORGANIZED. I cannot stress this enough. Perfect planning leads to perfect success. For instance, I had to make a large withdrawal from a bank one time. Sticking close to my school roots, I hired a bus driver and got some of my friends to come along. We all wore masks. Now I do not necessarily recommend wearing masks to school, but it is always imperative to have some light-hearted fun. At least wear make up to school. Or face paint. It is all the same to me. Anyways, the moral of the story is I successfully withdrew the money from the bank thanks to my detailed planning and hard work.

Another component of staying organized is keeping track of your stuff. I use to have a hard time with school supplies because I kept making my pencil disappear. Thus, can I suggest a pencil case? I don’t want to blow things out of proportion, but having the materials is necessary for success. So kids, work hard, follow a plan, and mix things up. If you need me, I’ll leave you my card.

The Top Ten Things I Learned In School
1. No knives
2. Always recycle
3. Do not wear inappropriate clothing
4. No knives
5. Be quiet before and after passing periods
6. Pay attention in chemistry, especially to combustibles
7. Enjoy the pig dissection… Fully
8. Treat others the way you want to be treated
9. Everyday is Halloween, dress like it
10. Always carry some sort of ID

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