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Cubs Fans Find Clarkson’s “Some People Wait A Lifetime For A Moment Like This” Cruelly Ironic

Dick Cheney Accidentally Shoots, Kills Aflac Duck

Post-Prom Sponsors in School Senior Ditch Day

Deerfield Il- Due to the amazing turn out to post-prom, the administration has come up with another counter-culture success. Their ads consisting of an arrow pointing at an empty desk…

Seniors Disappear, A Few Oddly Remain

Deerfield Il- The oldest kids in school collectively decided not to show up, but this time it was even longer than Senior Get Called Out of All Your Classes Day.…

I Am Just Doing it For My Résumé

I am just doing it for my résumé, I need to get into college and this is the only way. I’ll take any class that inflates my GPA, Saving kids…