By Jordy Gullepto

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL—Last Sunday morning, between the hours of 1:45 and 1:04 AM, five teenagers from the nearby high school Stevenson were arrested for violation of curfew.

This came at the midst of Daylight Savings Time, when around the country we turned back our clocks at 2:00AM on November 4th, gaining an entire hour, in efforts to promote energy efficiency.

The teenagers were very urgent to protest the curfew violation. “Dude, it was Daylight Savings Time, how was I supposed to know what time it was?” asked an ignorant minor whose age saved his good name from being ruined in the Flipside.

“I thought Daylight Savings Time meant that curfew was extended for two hours,” reported one of the innocent looking girls, Lola Felandarama, who was also arrested.

“We do acknowledge that Daylight Savings Time is a confusing period for all of us,” stated Judge Rudy Sennison at the trial. “However, this does not mean that it’s ok for you to just be waltzing around the plaza causing a hullabaloo at the break of dawn.”

“I am very disappointed in them,” said the parents of one of the arrested teenagers, “But I do want to say that its pretty impressive that they were arrested and went back in time.”

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