By Angel Gilmore

It was announced earlier this week that Profesora Lupe Vicario has been hired to act alongside world-renowned actor Antonio Banderas in his upcoming new film.

“I’m just so excited, I’m not sure what to think!” exclaimed a wild-eyed Vicario. She auditioned for the part months ago, but there was a slight delay because no one could pronounce her name correctly. Once the producers got it down, they were able to call her to tell her the good news.

The movie, Los perros que llevan sombreros tontos, is about the hardships and struggles growing up as a wealthy middle-upper class Hispanic boy on the North Shore and the lack of discrimination he faced. Banderas takes up the part later on in the boy’s journey, and Vicario is to play both his mother and wife.

“I think it’s trying to say that inside, we all have just a little bit of an Oedipus complex,” Vicario said, shrugging. “I’m not exactly sure. I think it’s just as weird as you do.”

“I am…very happy to be working alongside such a marvelous actress as Lupe,” commented Banderas. “They usually just sit me down alongside some actress who knows nothing about anything. But with Lupe, a local, and a beauty, nothing can go wrong.” At this point our Flipside interviewer’s hand cramped up from alternately writing furiously and fanning herself so that the rest of her notes are blurry. But you get the point.

Filming is to begin later in the month. The shooting schedule has been worked around Vicario’s schedule so she will miss as little school as possible, meaning most shots take place in the school itself or, for shots on location, they must take place over a weekend.

“First we’re heading to Rome for a weekend,” said Vicario, checking her schedule. “Then we shoot in the courtyard. After that I’m hopping a plane to South Africa, but that Monday we’ll be shooting in the center X-hall staircase. It’s such a lovely view; no one will notice that it isn’t an exotic location.”

Many details of the film still need to be worked out, mainly the transportation of Profesora Vicario’s cart. It has been cleared on all major airlines, but it’s tricky getting it up those X-hall stairs.

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