By Melbo Azurky

DEERFIELD- All right everyone, I’ve been going to school for all this time and I have a big question for all of you. What’s up with all of this homework?

Seriously, we go to school for school for almost seven hours five days a week for the whole year. Do you know ho much time that is? Let me give you an idea. Its 6,552,349 seconds. Per year. That means over 85 billion seconds of time spent in school. And they still need extra time to give you homework! Isn’t 85 billion seconds enough?

We need to develop a more efficient system if you can’t finish all the work in 85 billion seconds.

Homework is outrageous! Many esteemed firms have published scientific studies on the detrimental effects homework has on the students over physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellness.

For example, the well-known Department of Health just published a study revealing the negative nature of homework. I’m not making it up! Look below!

Also a sample test was conducted on a student to see the first hand effects of the dreadful homework.

Text Box: BEFORE AND AFTER HOMEWORK A picture of the specific Ronny Gray at age three before being corrupted by homework. Just ten years later, Ronny had aged and gotten this new homework. Look what it did to him!

Look! It’s proven. Homework increases wrinkles. You think I’m making it up? I’m not making it up! Look below!

All right, I cannot stand you stubborn people with all of your homework. You know what else? Homework increases your chances of attracting the chicken pox. Why do u think everyone gets the chicken pox? It’s because they all get homework!

We even talked about it in health! Homework is unhealthy! It’s true. So just stop with all this nonsense and get rid of homework.

Seriously, there has to be a better way to do this! You could just teach it all in class and that way it would ensure that people paid attention. Because if everythign depends on what happens in school, people are bound to care.

It’s all true. So let’s hop to it and get rid of this bad, cruel, unnecessary, corrput homework institution.

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