By Adrian Samovar

Last Sunday, Max Porter and Logan Raymond, two seniors at Glenbrook North High School, decided to order twenty extra-large pizzas for their peers. The pizzas were meant as an al­ternative to waiting in the long lines to buy lunch, as well as a kind gesture to bring together the senior class. When the pizzas arrived at GBN on Monday, Porter and Raymond, accompanied by several friends, walked to the front lob­by and picked up the pizzas. They car­ried the pizza boxes to the lunchroom and proceeded to hand out free slices to other seniors.

The deans, unsure of how to react, looked in their copy of the student handbook to make sure there was no rule against students ordering food to They found that there is no rule pre­venting such behavior, so the deans al­lowed the event go on as planned. Ad­ditionally, many students had counted on the pizza for their lunch so the deans decided it would be wrong to leave them without anything to eat.

Many seniors came to the lunch­room and proceeded to happily eat free pizza. After finishing their complimen­tary lunch, students thanked Porter and Raymond for the kind gesture.

“Mmmmm… that was good pizza,” Jason Richards, a varsity baseball play­er and Honor Roll student, told The Flipside. “After eating that free pizza, I left the lunchroom full and satisfied. That was really cool of those guys to do.”

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