By Gunther Hausmann
After a near-sleepless night of doing homework and going on Facebook, Junior Kristen Holbrook declared that she received fewer hours of sleep than you. Her mere three hours of sleep constitute just one third of the sleep that the National Institute of Health recommends for teens, but regardless, Kristen maintains that the dangers of sleep deprivation are not important. The only thing that matters is that she got less sleep than you.
“I went to bed at three a.m. and woke up at six,” Kristen reports. “That’s three hours. Yea. How much did you get?”
The tone Kristen takes would suggest that there was some type of competition going on to see who could be the least responsible about getting to bed on time, but at this point, it seems that Kristen is taking pride in not getting a lot of sleep for no reason.
It has also been reported that Kirsten jumped in on several conversations at the blocks when she heard people talk about how tired they were. Evidently, she really wants to make it known that nobody get less sleep than her and that nobody else is allowed to feel tired.

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