By Elijah Brisk
It is now mid-December. The leaves have all fallen, the temperature has dropped (drastically!), and the first snow has fallen. People are wearing two fleeces, and there is a constant mob around the cafeteria entrance as students struggle to get the last gyro. As I sit here today, I feel I must give my readers the pleasure of knowing all they have to look forward to this winter.
1) The mornings when you realize that there is no snow day, even though there was a good chance for one. Then you realize that you didn’t get an ounce of your homework done because you were counting on having no school.
2) The mornings when you realize that you have a snow day, and can make snow forts and have snowball fights and drink as much hot cocoa as you can. Then you remember that you did all your homework last night because you didn’t think it would be a snow day, and had to finish two papers and study for a calculus test.
3) The awkward family get-togethers for the holidays. So you go up to your third cousin, who you see maybe three times a year at best. Hug? Handshake? Neither? Do not fret, my child, for you are not alone. These are the questions paining millions around the country at this time of year. And, to put it frankly, there is no right answer. Whatever you end up doing, it will still be just as awkward. So, go into it with an open mind. Try out the fist bump, or even a salute! You never know – They may just decide to walk away without saying a word, allowing you the chance you had been waiting for to snag some of that spinach

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