procrastinating Problems 11-26. Odds and even! Is my teacher out of his frickin mind? I don’t have time for sixteen problems. Look. I just did math right there. 26-11, but I think you have to count the problem you start with too. Oh, this whole thing just sucks. I hate school.

Speaking of 16, that is how many Facebook messages I have. Gotta check that, ya know. Got some messages from my DT girls. What up, baby. I cannot believe she tagged me in that picture. Girl, I was not even looking at the camera. Comment time: I can’t believe you put that picture up, you backstabbing devil. See you tomorrow:)

Let’s try the first problem. It’s a proof! Proof, I forgot I needed to proof my new Facebook status profile. How can I come off as clever, funny, and a little bada##? Got it. I am “just chillin with my math homework, can’t wait for the weekend ^..^” That makes no sense. How can I be on Facebook and say as my profile that I am currently doing something else? If I am updating my profile that is always what I am doing at that moment. Whatever. Look an ad. Yes, I am interested in hitchhiking to Israel. I can’t believe that person I am friends with is too.

Dinner time. Good thing I don’t eat on Thursdays. Gotta get ready for HC 10. DT u no.

Phone is ringing. Sweet, I got a text. Luv u ttyl I got me some math hw. Response: we totally embarrassed palms today. ha ha lol rofl madeupacronym. I’ll probs have to finish this convo tomorrow during 5th in the bathroom. Too bad those stupid hand dryers are so loud.

This is unbelievable how much work they give me. It’s nine o’clock and I haven’t even had a chance to start my math homework.

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