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Joseph, Owner of the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Finally Comes Out of the Closet

Super Duper Mean Teacher Decides to Give Final That is Not a Project

Oh My G-d I Don’t Feel Like Doing My Math Homework

Problems 11-26. Odds and even! Is my teacher out of his frickin mind? I don’t have time for sixteen problems. Look. I just did math right there. 26-11, but I…

“That Did Not Turn Out Quite as Fun as it Sounded”

1. A third Chipotle burrito 2. Night time game of Marco Polo 3. That party 4. That movie 5. Water Polo Tournament 6. I don’t even want to talk about…

Swimmer’s Life Harder than Yours

DEERFIELD, IL—Two-a-Day practices and difficult workouts do not make for an easy life. DHS Junior Varsity swimmer Sam Levine just wants to make sure you know that. “I woke up…