By Rolf Kinder

After the immense success of the newest fifth season of ‘24’ starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, a sixth season is scheduled to come out. In’24,’ each episode is exactly one hour of a day, thus by simple arithmetic, the entire season adds up to a whole day. But the show’s massive audience argues that they cannot simply skip Sunday, Bauer’s day off.

The new season is to feature the “everyday Jack Bauer, that lives within every one of us” says’24’ producer Tanner Farnsworth. The show is to feature every minute of Bauer’s Sunday, including all nine and a half hours of Bauer in deep slumber.

In an interview Sutherland said, “While I may be the crime-fighting, terrorist-battling agent who goes 12-round with Oscar de la Hoya ‘because he can,’ I want to show America that I too drink my coffee with four sugars, and that I too know every word to the Spongebob song.”

We here at the Flipside were able to catch a sneak peak of the first episode of the new season in which Bauer spearheads a mission to kick his son out of his favorite seat on the couch. The season will feature many instances like that including an episode called “Doogy-Doo” which shows viewers how Jack Bauer picks up his dog’s waste.

The season’s halfway point will be marked by the episode where Bauer attends church. “I want to show that side of me to America,” remarked Sutherland.

Finally the season concludes with stunning visuals and breathtaking action sequences as Bauer attends hi mother-in-law’s home for a Sunday barbeque.

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