Seniors Disappear, A Few Oddly Remain

Deerfield Il- The oldest kids in school collectively decided not to show up, but this time it was even longer than Senior Get Called Out of All Your Classes Day. The effects of their disappearance have almost entirely been positive. Besides leaving Freshman befuddled without their leadership and gym class in more disarray than normal, there has been no other complaints from students and faculty alike.

Many students who shared classes with these lazy and usually annoying 18 year olds are “ecstatic that they are gone” and “excited to actually start getting work done.” Many wonder why the seniors did not decide to leave earlier. It was quite apparent they did not want to be at school and school did not want them to be there.

Oddly, there are some seniors who lag behind, preparing for some final thing. These students tend to be the laziest, most obnoxious, and most vocally angry. However, no one understands why these stragglers remains, especially consider how easy it is to get a B- at Deerfield High School. Alas, we should be thankful of all the comic material seniors have given us throughout this year.

December 30, 2008

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