QUIZ: Are You in Love?

When you look into his and/or her eyes, the first thing that you see is:

A) Three concentric circles of various radii.

B) The colors of the rainbow.

C) A reflection of the couple making out behind you.

D) Happiness and joy.

You are sitting and daydreaming in Sociology. All you can think of is:

A) Your perfect fantasy on the beach, and your parents are there. “Wait, Mom and Dad, get out of here!”

B) The odd formation of your fingerprints?

C) That the limit may or may not exits.

D) Your true love.

You are watching Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. The plot seems to be:

A) Rather dry, but who cares?

B) Captivating, it sums up all of your wishes.

C) Muy bueno—wait, why are there subtitles?

D) The summation of all of your relationship problems.

In order to get information about your relationship, you go to:

A) Your friends, who know more than you do.

B) Your Facebook, because that’s where all of the information is.

C) Your parents.

D) Your memory.

When in a fight, the first food you turn to is:

A) Ben and Jerry’s Double Chocolate Fudge

B) Kitty litter; it all tastes the same.

C) Rubber cement.

D) Feathers.

Mostly As, Bs, and Cs- No.

Mostly Ds – Maybe.

December 15, 2008

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